The Company

It all started in 1979 in preparation for the first visit of  Pope John Paul II to his native country - Poland.
Wincenty Zeszsuta, who later founded the ZESZUTA Group, was assigned to lead a team of the best national expert engineers to convert a rugged 6 wheel drive truck to a fine Pope Mobile. His innovative and creative approach became the cornerstone and trademark of the ZESZUTA Group.
Formally incorporated in 1999 with the privatization of Polish economy, ZESZUTA Group became an international leading player in vehicle conversions and upgrades, mostly Mercedes, using state of the art materials, manufacturing technologies and creative engineering skills, while maintaining the original vehicle manufacturer's warranty terms and conditions.
All the ZESZUTA manufactured products have type-approval certificates by the original vehicle manufacturer and NATO STOCK NUMBER (NSN).
ZESZUTA Group is licensed by the government of Poland to design, manufacture and market Defense and Homeland Security products (Concession no B-009/2008).
ZESZUTA quality Management System is fully certified and compliant with all applicable standards:
 AQAP 2110:2009
 AQAP 2120:2009
 AQAP 2130:2009
ISO 9001:2009
The second generation of the ZESZUTA family, under Wincenty Zeszsuta leadership, is now taking the group to even more advanced technologies and solutions and new domains of expertise mostly in Defense, Homeland Security and Public Health in cooperation with leading technology universities and institutes.
In-house expertise and propriety technologies allows the ZESZUTA team the  flexibility to develop both standard off-the-shelve products and specially tailored solutions to meet in full specific customer requirements.



Zeszuta Sp. z o.o.

03-683 Warszawa POLAND

ul. Tużycka 8,

tel.: 048 360 87 75

fax: 048 360 87 47